Temporarily Shutting Our Doors . . . again

Right after I sent the last email, I saw the horrible news about how high the cases of Covid-19 are.....everywhere, and made the decision to close, yet again.

Personally I know, 5 people who have the virus for sure, 2 of whom have been hospitalized. My own mother, recently widowed has decided to have Thanksgiving alone with home delivery, (all of a sudden she is a pro at on-line ordering), We will figure out how to do Zoom, or Facetime, and whatever it takes in order to stop the rapid spread of this horrible virus. Thank goodness for technology, we need it right now.

Setting up Holiday

Before I made the decision to temporarily close the walk-in shop, I was setting up Christmas and holiday displays. I will keep going, and livestream the results, if I can figure that out. Then it will be a video I can post.

This is our busiest, time of the year, and now we are 100%  dependent on our site, and are so glad we have it. It is a constant work in progress, but aren't we all? Hopefully you will find it as easy as my mom does with on-line ordering. We are shipping every day, all day long. Our site has an easy process for local pickup, and it is good to see our local customers using it. (Watch for our automated emails, they seem to go to junk folders!)

"We" (you and I), know how to do this, we have our supplies at the read to make beautiful cards, holiday decorations and gifts. And we have puzzles! We have learned how to be patient, let's just keep going, we will get through this, eventually.

Stay safe.



Michelle Jorgensen


Michelle Jorgensen

I see from older posts that you have attended Anna Griffin’s Create. I was able to attend the virtual create this year. What a fantastic and amazing experience. Excited to find your shop online. Thinking a road trip will be in the future.

Michelle Jorgensen

stay well, Michelle!

Michelle Jorgensen

Thank you for your decision Michelle. My daughter is an emergency nurse at Regions in St. Paul. You are helping her and your whole community with this decision. I look forward to enjoying your video.

Michelle Jorgensen

Oh, I am so sorry to hear you have to shut your shop, even temporarily, as I love to visit, especially at Christmas time. But safety first. I will definitely check out the website and will miss you until you reopen. Happy and safe Holidays to you and yours, Michelle! XOXO

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