Hand Painted Fairy Tale Jane Keltner Four Poster Twin Bed

$6,350.00 $2,995.00
Size: 4 Poster Twin with Side Rails

What little girl would not dream of such a bed fit for a princess? The palest of blue background with hand painted roses, leaves and flourishes accented in sublime green, pinks and gold. Sturdy tall painted posters, wide hand painted side rails and foot board, complete with slats.

Also available is a matching bedside cabinet

Originally priced at $6350.00

Every product in the Jane Keltner Collection is manufactured in the United States with a high level of craftsmanship. All pieces are hand painted and hand finished. Only hardwoods are used such as birch, ash, poplar, alder and maple. Only water based paints and acrylic finishes are used and are not dangerous to children. All pieces have an acrylic finish that can be cleaned with application of soap and water.

 Freight, Pick-up or Delivery arrangements will be made after purchase. If you live in a 40 mile radius of the shop we offer a flat rate delivery fee of $100. Which means the fee covers everything that can be safely transported in one pick-up load. If you live out-side the delivery area, other arrangements will need to be made. We will work with most freight handlers.

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