Winter TeaCup Diorama Workshop

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Create a festive wintry scene in your Grandma's antique teacup. Join us October 12 and bring a tea cup or purchase one here. We will supply all the rest of the items you will need to take home a festive diorama, with hand dyed bottle brush trees a glass glittered, by you, deer, charming spun cotton mushrooms and other bits and bobs to make it unique. 

Teacup, or other vessel should be no more than 3.5" across the opening.

October 12, 10:00-12:00 - Sold out! (We are looking for another table so that we can add a few more spots.)

Michelle will show you how to apply glass glitter to an object, fill a tea cup so a scene can be built on it and group and glue embellishments.

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Don't have time or talent to make one yourself?  Simply purchase one of these!

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