It seems that if it wasn't for Valentines day, and every 4 years it gets an extra day, February would be completely overlooked. At our location, February is basically.... Winter. Cold, and snowy, with not much else going on outside. But inside, it's warm, cozy and calm. It's a good time for planning, crafting, and cooking. And expressing Love.

This "February" Ephemera aka Valentine Ephemera, we have yet again gone a bit overboard. We have included a couple sheet of another signature paper design, only available in this collection, (it's pink and gold), large cake doilies that you can cut up for some lacey goodness, whisper pink crepe paper, 2 wonderful vintage scrapbook pages, one with cherubs and the other classic floral and bird motifs, 3 Dresden die-cut shapes and a pearl white border, lots of vintage ribbons and trims in satin, jacquard, and velvet, pretty hand stitched ribbon roses in 2 colors, a couple of lace hearts and 2 appliques, and of course glass glitter in the color blush, To help get started with your Valentine card making we have included 3, vintage A2 ivory cards and envelopes. and Loving thoughts to keep you warm.


Contents may vary. Limited quantities.

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