March Cachette du Mois

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A 10" Aqua ribbon tied band box 

Is filled with; a quarter yard of grey roses on aqua, linen fabric, a quarter yard of aquamarine silk tissue fabric, a bunch of velvet Violets, 18 moss green leaves on wire, an aqua Dresden assortment, three large double sided horse shoes for luck, a dozen four leaf clovers in gold, a pair of golden Lions, four "Good Luck" vintage appliqués, one yard of fancy flower trim with pearl centers, 2 yards of aquamarine vintage rayon ribbon, 3 yards of vintage green soutache cord, a one ounce jar of lilac German glass glitter, one yard of tubular aqua and violet millinery braid, 3/4 yard of vintage French silk netting in violet, a strand of 10 graduated antique crystals, a bunch of rock candy stamens in aqua, a bunch of spun cotton plums on wire, and a dozen gorgeous March post-cards.

The Petite Version

An 8" Tarragon Colored Box with Aqua Satin Ribbon Ties is filled with, an 18” x 27” Piece of Aqua linen print fabric, Velvet Violets Bunch, Green Velvet Leaves, Aqua Dresden Assortment, 2 Yards of Aqua Rayon Ribbon, 2 Yards of Moss Green Grosgrain, a Vial of Lilac Glass Glitter, Aqua Rock Candy Flower Stamens, and a Dozen Signature “March” Post-Cards.


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