September Cachette du Mois

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Petite September Cachette

Tucked inside a 8” keepsake band box is A Large Organdy and Velvet Pink Millinery Rose, Two Vials of Fine Glass Glitter in Sea Shell and Apple Green, 1 1/2 yards of 1 1/2” Peach Bias Silk Ribbon, Two yards of Picot Edge Salmon Ribbon, Eight Golden Butterfly Dresdens, Two Pairs Vintage Children Scrap Papers, A 19” x 22” Piece of Feed-sack Print ,Cotton Fabric , Six Spun Cotton Two Toned Apples, One Yard Dark Green Crocheted Vintage Lace, One Yard Green Vintage Ball Fringe, One Feather Butterfly Pin and A Dozen,“September” Post-cards.


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