Imagine a pretty woodland scene with glass glittered deer and bottle brush trees, glittery pine cones and foliage, spun cotton mushrooms, tiny glass ornaments and silk velvet ribbons. Now imagine all this displayed in an antique teacup! Oh my.

We have also created these amazing little scenes in vintage silver creamers and spice jars as well.

While we are offering this as a workshop, and as a kit (coming soon), you can actually purchase the exact sparkly forest scene you see here.

The hardest part will be in the choosing. Approximate height to the top of the tallest tree.

Pretty in Pink, 7" SOLD

Blue Flowers Sugar, with lid tied to a handle 7.5" SOLD

Swedish Ginger, 6.5"

Blue Calyx, with saucer 6"

English Johnson, with saucer 6.5"

Silver Creamer, 9.25" SOLD

Antique Natural Embossed, 6"

 The beauty of these items is that we may have used antique vessels that may have slight chips and cracks in them, making them not usable as intended, but are wonderfully perfect for a diorama scene.

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