These Valentines are "meant to be" adorning a gift for someone special, dangling on a door knob, or hanging anywhere ar the house to decorate for Valentine's Day. Write a personal message to a dear one on the back.

Make 2 pairs (4) of these super sparkly glass glittered heart ornaments featuring our signature printed card stock, pearl white sentiment banners, and vintage red ribbons.

 English and French assorted Sentiments to cut.

 Ornament measures 4 x 4".

Also available pre-made by us!

Basic instructions:

Glue a brown heart to the back of all the pattern heart shapes. Glue small heart to the large heart where desired with 3-in-1 craft glue. Keep in mind that glitter will be on a brown side. Apply slightly thinned white glue (or Mod Podge), with a brush to the brown side of the heart that you wish to glitter, taking care not to get glue on the patterned heart. Pour glitter into a saucer or small flat dish, spoon glitter over the glued heart while holding it over the dish, allowing glitter to spill back into the dish. Once the glue has dried, apply curved sentiment to the hearts with 3-in-1 craft glue or a glue gun. Punch hole in large heart over the small heart, insert ribbon, tie ends.

Note that there is a front and back to the patterned hearts, depending on how we cut them. The front is rounded to the back.

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