Leslie Hackett

Leslie Hackett

Leslie Hackett

We are so lucky to have Leslie nearby in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. She is a frequent visitor to Rose Mille. Over the years we have gotten to know her and her work. She is kind hearted and super talented. We are absolutely smitten with her creations as you will be too!

Feast your eyes on her expertly made works of wonder, and know that they are even better in person.

Heart Pompom Wreath

Artist Statement:

My name is Leslie, and I am the artist behind Myrtle Sletta’s. My business is the namesake of my beloved Grandmother. In my earliest memories she was imaginatively encouraging my creativity. When I was three years old, she framed my six foot finger painting in plexiglass and bolted it to her kitchen wall. Another of my smeary creations she hung over her piano in an antique guided frame. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t painting, drawing or creating. It was my first love.

In 1984, I attended Parsons School of Design in Paris and later graduated in New York. Through the years, I have worked in many creative roles; visual merchandiser, retail and ribbon buyer, invitation and floral designer, Christmas tree trimmer, fine artist and mother.

Working in my St Paul studio, I draw inspiration from beautiful materials, fairytales, a nod to the past and a sense of home. I build my world of riotous color and nostalgia out of paper, ribbon, millinery and yarn. My hope is that each carefully crafted piece translates into love and moves someone to smile. This is not a task I take lightly, I mean it sincerely.


Dresden Boat

Ribbon Cones


Blue Shoes

My favorite item Leslie makes are these stunning Blue Velvet paper shoes!  Recognize our bows?

You can find Leslie on her site: Myrtle Sletta's

Instagram: myrtlesletta



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