Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the color/shade of the product I received different than what I see on the screen when I ordered it?

We take great care when photographing the products on our site. But sometimes the customer sees a different color when they order, than what they receive. This can happen for a number of reasons:

-  Every computer monitor/screen device is not the same and can display colors differently. There can be a huge difference depending on the light setting, brand, and room lighting of the viewing device.

-  When selecting a color on the site, you must change the name using the drop down selector above the description, clicking on the picture does not change the selection. 

- The color description of a product may not be universally understood (i.e. what might be described as a "peach" color may not be what you would call peach.)


Glass Glitter

What kind of glue should I use?

The type of glue depends on what your are gluing the glass glitter to. For example; if you are covering a shape with a paper or cardboard surface, we find that Mod Podge works well. It is fluffy and doesn't run so much, and the glitter seems to nestle right into it and it dries clear.  If you are glueing the glitter to glass, we recommend using a glue that sticks to glass. If you are glueing it to wood, use wood glue that dries clear. If you are making lines such as words or swirls on a greeting card, use a white glue or gel glue that can be used to draw those lines. 

Note; Our favorite glue, Beacon's 3-in-1 craft glue, is not suited for glass glitter. It will stick to it, it is just more stick power that you need, and it does not spread well. Use 3-in-1 for when you want to stick things together fast, like you would use a glue gun, perfect for double sided Dresdens, dioramas and scenes. 


If an item is sold out, will it come back in stock?

  - Many of the items we carry on this website are purchased from Europe and they are generally made to order.  As such, it can take anywhere from 2 to 8 months before we are able to get things back in stock. 

- Many of the items we carry are vintage and no longer in production, so these items will no longer be available once sold out.  If you have a special need for something we are sold out on, you can contact us directly and we may be able to be more specific as to when/if we will be getting it back in stock. 

- Some of the items are one of a kind, hand made and once they are sold, we cannot get any more. 

 What if I want to cancel my order?

- If your order has not shipped, and your order does not contain any custom items, cut ribbon or fabric, or sale items, you can cancel it. We will issue a refund minus 5% to cover merchant fees that we paid, but won’t get back. All the credit card companies and PayPal have this policy, where they don’t refund their fees. 

How fast will I receive my order?

- Generally we pack and ship orders during normal business days, ie Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00PM. We tend to ship all orders that came through up until 2:00 PM, the same day. If your order comes through after 2:00 PM chances are it will be shipped the next business day. During the holiday's or our special events, this process could take longer. Once your order is pulled and boxed up, we will ship it according to the method that you chose during checkout such as USPS Priority Mail or First Class etc. Please allow up to 2 business days for us to pack the order, and and additional 2-7 days for shipping time.

Please note that once your order leaves our shop, we have absolutely no control over it. We can track the package the same as you can with the automated shipping confirmation that you will be sent, once the shipping label is printed. We cannot possibly know the in's and out's of the postal carriers in your neighborhood, or where your package was left. We are not responsible for misdirected or non-deliverable packages, but we will do whatever we can to find it.

Our shipping system uses the exact information that you typed into your order, so please be careful when you type your email address, street address and phone number. If you did not receive an order confirmation or shipping notice, please check your junk folder.

If you choose the lowest cost shipping method, your package may not have tracking available as we will ship it the lowest cost shipping with the shipper. For example, First Class Shipping, does not provide tracking information, similar to a postage stamp.

Do you ship to Europe and Canada?

Yes we do. The cart will calculate shipping costs based on weight to most countries in Europe and Canada. If the items in your cart are flat, will fit in a large envelope, and the total weight is 8 oz or less, the shipping cost is about shown. If the weight is over that, we will have to calculate the shipping separately, and then send you a separate order as a bill, which you will need to pay before we ship. Please be advised that if you do place an order and you think the shipping cost is more than what you want to pay,  we will refund you but there will be a 10% fee. Hopefully you are fully aware how much it costs to ship to your country from the USA. If you would like to get an idea, please visit for more information on international shipping.

We do not guarantee delivery outside the USA. 

 Do you ship to the rest of the world?

Yes we can. If you are able to place an order through this site, keep in mind that you may not be charged for shipping at the time of ordering. We will determine the cost of shipping after we box it up and research how much the package will cost to ship to you. We will then send you an order to complete for the shipping costs.  If it costs to much we can cancel the order and give you a refund (minus 5-10%), if you purchased cut to order items such as ribbon or fabric, we cannot give you a refund.

Keep in mind that if you order and pay for ribbon and/or fabric cut to the yardage you want, we cannot give you a refund once the item has been cut. 

We can also create an order for you including shipping if you let us know what you want to order, including cut ribbon. 

Please be advised that if you do place an order and you think the shipping cost is more than what you want to pay, we will refund you but there will be a 10% fee. Hopefully you are fully aware how much it costs to ship to your country from the USA. If you would like to get an idea, please visit for more information on international shipping.

We do not guarantee delivery outside the USA. 


What shipping carriers do you use?

Generally, we utilize USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground services, depending upon which is the least cost carrier for the size and weight of a given shipment.  If you have a special shipment need, like you would like to have something shipped next day delivery, or you only want us to use a certain carrier, please leave us a note with your order or contact us directly.

Still have questions?  Simply send us an email at