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Why is the color/shade of the product I received different than what I see on the screen when I ordered it?

This can happen with some of our products for a number of reasons:

-  There can be some color variation between production lots/die lots

-  The photo images utilized on the website may not have captured the actual color perfectly due to variations in lighting, etc.

-  Every computer monitor/screen device is not the same and can display colors differently.

- Lastly, the color description of a product may not be universally understood (i.e. what might be described as a "peach" color may not be what you would call peach.)

If an item is sold out, will it come back in stock?

Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer to this question.  Most of the items we carry on this website are purchased from Europe and they are generally all made to order.  As such, it can take anywhere from 2 to 8 months before we are able to get things back in stock.  Also, many of the items we carry are vintage and no longer in production, so these items cannot be re-ordered.  If you have a special need for something we are sold out on, you can contact us directly and we may be able to be more specific as to when/if we will be getting it back in stock. 


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