Angel Policy

We love to inspire, we love to educate and show our customers how to make things using our materials, patterns, and kits.  Michelle has taught hundreds, if not thousands, of students how to make shadow boxes, dioramas, ornaments, sachets, flower pins, and greeting cards, etc., not to mention hats, tiara's, and Christmas stockings.  But, we do not, nor have we ever, given permission for anyone to literally copy our designs, and start or continue, a business. I hope you understand. We want you to make things for your friends and family. Of course, we are fine with you creating your own unique designs. We encourage you to start a business with your designs, we will even mentor you, but not with our designs

This is a hard thing to regulate, but we feel we must make a statement. Copying for profits is just not acceptable. If you are not sure if your design crosses over into the "copying" arena, please ask. We can tell, actually we feel it. We will give you our honest feedback and let you know whether, or not it is a copyright infringement, most of the time it does not, but if so we can advise you how to make it your own. 

If we do see copies of our designs, either well done or not, in the marketplace, especially in our local area, we will be sad, and feel betrayed. Especially if our handmade materials purchased in our shop, are used, whether online or in person. We will have no choice but to keep our distance from you and perhaps, not allow you to make any purchases in the future, and if necessary; file a complaint.

Thank you for your understanding.

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