A Surprise Package

A package arrived today by post. In a most lovely wrapped box covered with scrap art.  It is from my long lost dear friend in California, Connie Stuart, Oops I mean Connie Govea Stuart as she is known nowadays.  I guess I did the same thing.  This package was so beautifully wrapped both in paper then in clear tape or contact paper that I could not open it without cutting some of the pretty images.  So I only opened one end along the folds.

I tried to pull out the box but it was snug, so I had to (Yikes) rip the paper. And to my delight there was pink newspaper on the inside! And a wonderful wooden cigar box. I am feeling so special about now. I soooo appreciate all the care that has gone into this package thus far.


Of course the top of the box was sealed with a very charming mister apologizing for being late, sort-of, but assuring me that it will be worth it. Hmmmm... I've heard that before.

So carefully as to not tear the dear sir, I managed to open the box. And there-in started the layer upon layer of over the top, creativity. A stitched up funny page formed into an open envelope, with my name hand written on a tag attached with a flower!  And some tea! Does this girl know me or what?


And, as I picked up the "envelope" it was attached to a long string with a paper doll, complete with a paper skirt proudly wearing a paper banner that says "California". 


Underneath that were some of her Somerset Life business cards, and some of her hand dyed ribbon attached to a tin type.


Underneath this was a popcorn bag with my name again, and inside a gorgeous paper tag doll holding a cupcake!


Then it got crazy, there were many more of these tags and some samples from another artist and then finally a wooden framed shadow box....

Oh dear, her head has come off!  That's what all the rattling was all about.  How utterly sad, but not to worry, I am good at fixing things, and I have some really good glue. Nothing to put a damper on this exquisite surprise!


THANK YOU Connie!  I wanted to share the moment with you. I can't wait to see future packages for the shop. This following picture just about sums it up.

Happy Monday!

(I promise my next post will be about France, this was a SURPRISE already!)

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