Chateau Dumas, Here I Come!


I can hardly believe it.

This will be my home for two weeks, starting Saturday.

Yes I know it is the fourth of July. And the fourth of July here in Stillwater is so much fun with the charming parades, nee-high corn, barbecues and the ritual of leaving a blanket at noon on the hill at Pioneer Park, to reserve our spot, for one of the best views of the fireworks over the Saint Croix River.

Sometimes we are faced with hard choices. But this year, I am choosing the South West of France over Stillwater, MN, for the 4th.

During the first week I will be one of 16 guests on a "Chateau Getaway" trip with Kaari Meng of "French General". Someone whom I have admired from afar for years. She is the author a few gorgeous books and stationery sets that we carry at Rose Mille.  I believe she just launched her own designs in fabrics. But most important she has organized this trip to Chateau Dumas for a week and I am the extremely fortunate one who's name was called on the waiting list to go with her!

The French Inspired home

The second week is an-add on that I was privy to before the general public.  Lizzie from Chateau Dumas, extended an invitation to the guests coming with Kaari to stay on the following week for a Master-class in Millinery!  Ahem, what?  Yes, I said millinery. I believe I am the only one staying on from that group.

Actually the milliner to the royal family of England will be teaching a week long class at the chateau. Since I will already be there, flying in on the frequent flyer miles that I earned by staying home while my husband travels, (isn't that their original intention?). It was quite economical for me to stay on for another week! 

I have to stop to catch my breath here. Just writing about this is just too exciting. Combine that with my fear of flying anxiety, I may just pass out.  Because this trip just keeps on getting better and better on so many levels!  (The little devil on my shoulder just keeps saying in my ear, as long "as you survive the flight scardy cat"... I'll teach him!)

Stay tuned!

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