Day 2 - Market to Market


First thing in the morning we set off for the gourmet market in St Antonin. A quaint medieval village 20 minutes south of the Chateau. I know you have heard this before but this was literally a feast for the eyes! The sweetest strawberries, melons and figs. Fresh crusty breads, savory cheeses, meats and spices from around the world, set out in a fashion that is distinctly French.



In the afternoon we set out for the flea markets in Toulouse. Just big enough to cover in a few hours, all of us were able to purchase a few things to stimulate the south of Frances' economy. IMG_4479 


I was lucky enough to have spotted a fabric hanging shade just moments before the chateu keeper, Lizzie did.


After a picnic lunch we headed back to the chateau to take turns sharing our finds with each other. In only one day we really feel that we have all made 15 new friends. The chatter of excitement did not diminish the lovely dinner of fresh fish, rice and adorable artichoke bowls filled with new peas.



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