Day 4 - Cordes sur Ceil


This day was a trip to Cordes sur Ceil, about an hour away and a thousand years ago in time.

So sad, but most of my photos came out almost black. I will share some here that I managed to save but you can check out Kaari's, and Cathy Mogull's blog for much better information and amazing photos.


We walked in a steep incline for quite a distance gradually arriving at the top of the hill that the city was built on.  In the winter the city looks as if it is floating in the clouds.


We met Rowena Maybourn, a British textile artist living in Cordes, who makes block prints in an ancient mid-evil technique, using old Irish linens from Hospitals dating back to WWII as a base.



She demonstrated the technique by having each of us make a print to take home with us.


The views were fantastic, as Molly demonstrates.



Thank you Cathy for the three photo's that helped me tell the story here.

Little did I know that tomorrow would be one of the best of the trip, if not the.

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