How fabulous is it that millinery is becoming more prominent, again!  Every generation has their own style and it seems that the hat trend is emerging once again. This time it's a modern retro twist on hats and other things that adorn ones head.

The re-emergence of millinery is particularly serendipitous to me since all around me, at home and at my shop, there are elements of it. I use millinery flowers to decorate curtains, lampshades, gifts and sweaters.  Millinery braid is literally flowing out of my studio always looking for a new and interesting application, in addition to edging lampshades, and headbands. 

And now, more than ever it's all about feathers!  A few months ago, I noticed a darling girl in the shop who was wearing one in her hair. I thought about the large stock of vintage millinery feather pads I've been hording, and decided to share. And also the amazing collection of ostrich feathers, hand shaped and dyed feather embellishments, marabou, pheasant, and large vintage plumes!



I quickly made up some headbands, and put out the pads and embellishments for sale.  They are selling so fast I may not get a chance to put them on-line.



This is just the beginning of course, I may soon be sold out of the feather collection that I have been carrying around with me, across the country. Originally from milliner Pearl Hemenway of Menlo Park, California, which is very near San Francisco. She was a prominent milliner in the 1940's-1960's. I purchased her entire lot in 1996, just before launching Rose Mille in San Jose.  Next up will be millinery flowers, silk French and Russian netting, straw and horsehair hat braid.

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