Retro Shades

I love these modern retro hanging lamp-shades. Vintage inspired but very "today". Simple yet elegant too.  We have lots of different coverings to uses on 5 shade shapes and sizes, any of which can be made as a pendant with a diffuser bottom so that you don't see the light bulb, just soft light. 


Black Drum Shade

My friend Heidi, who is a wonderful photographer, was in the other day wanting some ideas to update her home, to something more "current". Her home was build almost 10 years ago and looks very "pottery barn" she said. 



The solution, without costing too much, was to replace the light fixture in her small eating area to one of these pendants.  Wala, instant update! At first she wanted to use a light blue one, but decided instead to add a pop of red.  We agree, good choice!

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