Sparkle - With Chandelier Crystals

Don't you just love vintage (or new for that matter) chandelier crystals?  I just came across a few boxes of them, and am so exited about the possibilities!DSC_1528_2

After hours of cleaning and sorting, they are now at the shop and are ready for your next creative project. There are lots of ways to (re)use crystals. They make pretty ornaments, jewelry, and even bottle stoppers.

They can be attached to gift packages with a bow for a unique embellishment. Or by gluing the recipient's name on pretty paper to the flat side as a name tag! Hanging crystals are often used in Feng Shui practices to help energize a space.  The options are endless. 


Images, vintage sheet music or an inspiring word on paper can also be glued to the flat sides of many types of crystals giving it the same magnifying effect as in paperweights.


I have seen some great ideas in Somerset Life magazine lately, soon to be available at Rose Mille!

Send me a comment or email if you would like to purchase some and can't get to the shop.

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