25 Years and Counting

It's hard to believe it's our 25th anniversary this year. Little did I know that in those 25 years the shop would move across the country from San Jose California, open in beautiful downtown Stillwater Minnesota for 10 years, then move to the "North Hill" in Stillwater where we are now, briefly open a shop in the Mall of America in 2004, only to close it 5 months later (Yikes!!) Exhibited at; the world famous Junk Bonanza vintage show many times, the wonderful Stationery Show in Manhattan, the Craft and Hobby shows in Anaheim, Chicago, and Phoenix, start selling on-line starting in 2011, and now it is our main source of revenue. We have been featured in many publications including Country Living, Where Women Create, Flea Market Style, Romantic Living and more. 

It all started with this simple invitation: 

We used a specialist at a local printer, who sent it out bulk mail, so most of the recipients did not receive the invite in time. They did come out eventually. We had quite a full house even considering  all the mishaps with our mailing. Yes there were more.
We forgot celebrating our one year anniversary, but we remembered for our second in 2020.
That's me on the right tinted pink, with my fresh self cut bangs. Not sure why we had this on a Sunday. In case you are wondering who Mio Vicino is, it was my sister's restaurant, right across the street from my shop on Lincoln Ave.
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