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There is a lot going on around here about our lines of crepe paper. The good news is that we are adding Werola Florist 160 gsm crepe, with 250% stretch, to our shop. This paper is larger than the doublette, and thicker than the Dennison fine crepe. The florist crepe has deeper wrinkles, which can give projects a chunkier look, and it can be pulled and shaped to give more dimension. For starters, we have 12 perfect colors on their way. It will be available individually per roll in any quantity that you desire.

The not so good news is that some colors of the Doublette crepe are being discontinued. We have some stock on them, but not much. The colors that are going away are White/Yellow 3404, Fuchsia/Maroon 3350, and Yellow/Peach 3408. This is a decision by Werola in Germany, not by us. We are hoping to add our own color combinations to the line in the near future.


Michelle Jorgensen


Michelle Jorgensen

Hi Audrey,

I believe you are thinking about a Masterclass that was held last year near Seattle Washington, We were passing on the information for them.

The producers of the course can be found at Pink & Posey, https://www.pinkandposey.com/

Thanks for your comment.


Michelle Jorgensen

I am trying to get more information about the crepe paper flower master class that is mentioned somewhere on your site but have been unable to really find anything in detail . I want to get this class for my daughter as a Christmas gift. When does the next class start or is it always available- Just sign up and pay? How long in the class—or series of classes? Do you/they have gift certificates available or do I just sign up in her name and send payment?

If you are not able to help me, can you give me a name or number or website that I am able to get these questions (and more, probably) answered.

The photos of the flowers that you have on your web site are really wonderful and I know she would love to learn the methods and techniques.

Thank you for your help. Please do not publish this inquiry. Just answer soon as Christmas is coming up soon. I just found your website and time is getting short.

Thank you again.


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