"Create" With Anna Griffin

"Create" With Anna Griffin

 I am so excited to share with you, that I will be a guest teacher/presenter at Anna Griffin's event "Create 4" (2018) in Atlanta. In fact, my suitcase is packed, the kits are in place, and all I need to do is get a good nights sleep, yeah right, and get to the airport. The event starts tomorrow! I will get there just in time to set up my class-room where I will live for 2 days teaching 6, yes 6 classes of 40 students each! There will of course, also be fancy dinners and breakfasts, and a fun trip to the Anna G warehouse sale!

( I may have to start drinking coffee.}


(How did this happen, you ask?]

I met Anna almost 2 years ago at a trade show in Phoenix. Everything happens at trade shows you know. I did not recognize her at first, but I liked her immediately. Especially since she was very excited, to say the least, to be in my booth. Once I realized who she was, I did get a little star struck for a minute. But she is so nice, and expressive, we hit it off immediately. She is exactly how she seems on TV during her numerous crafting events on HSN (Home Shopping Network).

Yeah, I know...I never tuned in before either. But, now I do, especially when Anna is debuting her latest collection of Dresden trims that we provide to her. It's just a ton of fun to see Anna get so excited about our product on our television in our make-shift "bohemian" home.  The only problem is, I'm also shopping. I can't help myself. They offer so many awesome crafting tools, machines, and dies etc. I HAVE to get them. It doesn't hurt that most are all ivory and gold, Anna's signature colors of Cricut machines, tools and storage devices. I do love me some gold.

Cricut (1) Cricut-maker-cutting-machine-d-201808211128354~616364_092

I promised Anna that I wouldn't show a picture of what I am teaching before the event, because it's a surprise for the attendees. No spoilers here. But you can be sure you will get to see it, after the event is all over and done. I imagine all the makers will hopefully be showing off their creations on social media as well. I hope they hashtag Rose Mille! They do know that it is some kind of Vintage wreath. So I'm pretty sure I can say that at least. If you know me, I usually make things out of vintage bits and pieces, so it has been quite a challenge finding, not to mention designing for, enough supplies for 250 crafters'!

Here are some of the wreaths I made using vintage Christmas items:


Maybe one of these is yours? ahem (Megan)

HSN will be broadcasting a Facebook Live, live video of the event. Maybe you can figure out how to watch that. :-))  I will wave to you if the camera catches me.

Wish me luck!







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So excited that you’ll be one of the guest teachers at Create!!!! LOVE your products!!!

Sharon Wright

I look forward to meeting you. Ive made quite a few purchases from Rose Mille. Wonderful company and products. Buying silver dresden for my holiday cards shortly!

Karenbeatrice Porcher

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