Make & Take at Fall Junk Bonanza

Since opening our new shop in Stillwater Minnesota, we have decided to opt out of our semi-annual booth at the amazing Junk Bonanza vintage market in Minneapolis (Shakopee Minnesota).  But then ..... a wonderful thing happened. Ki Nassauer asked me to present one of my mini-makes at the show. Not once, not twice, but 5 times at the Fall Junk Bonanza show, September 20, 21 & 22! She is generously offering spots for each of my sessions to 30 lucky attendees... free of charge.  The catch, well, you have to sign up at the door. No prob.


I immediately thought that my Festive Medallion card project would be perfect. You know we are all thinking about the upcoming holidays at the end of September right? Admit it. Especially if you are a crafter (maker). This fun, elegant project uses our gorgeous Dresden die cuts from Germany, which are still being made today on antique presses, real glass glitter, (have you seen how this stuff sparkles?) and a bit of silk ribbon if you choose to.




But then I got to thinking, why not give a choice of my other very popular project, our Minnesota collage card? We did do this one at the Pinner's conference in Minneapolis, but Junk Bonanza is a different vintage loving crowd. I cut the shape of Minnesota out of actual vintage wallpaper, added some vintage millinery flowers with my flat cards as a backdrop. Super Pretty, and Nice too.


But .... sadly, you can only choose one for this event, so start deciding now. You can always come back the next day and get yourself on the list again. can  simply purchase a kit from us at our......not a booth, but a table! (or from our website of course.)

Speaking of a table. Yes!!! You will be able to shop our table throughout the 3-day show. We are bringing our kits, velvet ribbons, Dresden die cuts, glass glitter, and more. It's going to be upstairs, near the presentation area. I cannot wait, come and say hi!



Michelle Jorgensen

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