"Make Your Own Magic"

"Make Your Own Magic"

Where I grew up, if it was sunny outside, it was 75 degrees. Not so here in Stillwater Minnesota, where sunglasses are a must when driving in winter.  There is nothing brighter than sub-zero temps on a cloudless day. Who knew?  Clean bright white snow, broken only by evergreen trees and houses that are covered with it, and the bluest of blue skies, gorgeous and quite inspiring.  

Yes, it's mid January and the holidays are over, but I am already thinking about this years holiday inventory for the shop.  Aarrgghh, does it ever stop? Maybe it's the economy, this inspiring sunny day, or the persistent need I have to create my own designs, that is causing this year to be different. . . . Finally.

I have already begun efforts towards "Make your own Magic",  my new mantra. I have completed the long awaited wool rose pin kit. 

The same popular flower pin class that I taught a few years ago, made from vintage wool blankets that have been "felted" (shrunk by washing in hot hot water and dried with hot hot air.)  

Wool Rose Pin

I have also designed some simple and stylish hats from vintage wool hat bodies, briefly blocked and self trimmed  with a vintage flower, a button or a gem, in an assortment of soft colors.    I will make both of these items available to purchase here on this blog, as soon as I figure out how. The Kit is now available on the web shop!!!DSC_1512_2My new years resolution is to submit a blog entry a least weekly. :-)

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