Petticoat Chandeliers

Petticoat Chandeliers

One of the prettiest ways to "dress up" a room is to suspend a lampshade that uses a petticoat or fancy doll skirt as a covering.


It also helps to add some bling, ribbon and pearls. I always say, "If your gonna do it, do it big!"

You know what they say, "necessity is the mother of invention".  In 2004, we needed to cover up some unsightly light fixtures when setting up a former (MOA) Rose Mille shop and came up with this idea!  We loved it, so much that when we closed that shop, these "pendants" were promptly hung in the original, Rose Mille in Stillwater. With the high 16' ceilings, they make quite a statement.
Many have asked to buy these but, really they are so "make shift", meaning they were literally cut to fit over the other light fixtures and are held up with butterfly clips and wire. I almost forgot, some were transported to a local television for a feature segment about them a few years ago. I have it on video, I will try to get it on here.

I hope to make some up that I would be proud to sell.

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