Looking Forward

Looking Forward

The early months of the new year seem to bring us back to ourselves. After all the giving to others over the holidays, don't you think that it is time to be kind to "me"? January and February here at Rose Mille are transitional. time to clear out the holiday decor, count everything that is left, and sit back with a healthy cup of tea while we think about this new year.


Just like everyone pampering our mind, body and spirit is overdue. Being still, (after our workout), nourishing the skin and re-connecting to our creativity is what we are all about right now.


Once we take care of ourselves, then we are ready to appreciate those we love, just in time for Valentine's Day. I know, it's gotten soooo commercial, but.. let's embrace our loved ones more often, there's nothing phony about that.  At least at this time of year there is much to look forward to; the coldest of the cold is hopefully over, Spring is sure to come, then summer, fall and yes, the holidays once again.


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