Dresden Medallion Ornament Tutorial

Dresden Medallion Ornament Tutorial

It is so easy to make these gorgeous ornaments using our embossed foil Dresden Medallions and stars. Especially when you purchase our kit. These can be used as a gift topper that doubles as a an ornament.

In addition to the kit you will need; 3-in1-Craft Glue, Aqua glue or white glue with a pointed applicator, a dish for glass glitter, we like saucers from teacups, (who uses saucers as intended anymore?), a spoon, and a piece cut off of a Mr Clean Eraser, or fine sandpaper.

Dresden Medallion Kit

Start by separating the medallions and trimming the connectors using scissors. These work wonderfully Westcott scissors

Separate Medallions

Snip off the ornament hangers, or loops, so you end up with a circular radiant star shape. Do this with the gold ornaments as well.

gold ornament medallions

Apply foam adhesives

For the large ornaments, apply a foam adhesive square in the middle of a larger silver medallion by removing one side of the protective layer. We have found that sometimes the foam adhesives don't stick to the smooth Dresdens over time. We like to rub the areas where we are going to apply the foam adhesives with the Mr Clean eraser (or fine sandpaper) first, then apply the foam adhesive. You can also apply a small amount of 3-in-1 craft glue, if you don't have the eraser or sandpaper.

side medallion

Center a smaller gold medallion on top of the foam adhesive that is applied to the silver medallion, make sure you remove the protective layer of shiny paper from the foam adhesive first, apply 3-in-1 glue here if needed. Layer a small star the same way on top of the gold medallion.

small medallion ornament

Follow the same process to make the smaller gold medallion ornaments, topping with a small star.

Attach a cord

Fold a 9" piece of silver cord in half and tie a knot. Apply some 3-in-1 Craft glue in the center of the back of the silver medallion.

glue the cord

Lay the cord as seen, cover the cord with one of the small stars cut out from the sheet, press until it holds. You may need to add a bit more glue.

Medallion ornament

Applying glitter to the ornament

Apply glue sparingly to the front of the ornament where you want some glitter. Careful, wherever the glue goes so goes the glitter.


Holding the ornament over the saucer of glass glitter, sprinkle glitter on top of the ornament using a spoon. Turn the ornament over and allow the glitter to fall back into the saucer, tap carefully, repeat until all the areas where there is glue are covered.

Let dry for a few hours. To keep the silver glitter from tarnishing too much keep in a covered container or plastic bag when not on display. We have heard that spraying with a clear sealer, or aerosol hair spray will keep the glitter from tarnishing.

12 medallion ornaments

 There are enough medallions to make 6 large and 6 small medallion ornaments.

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These are even more amazingly beautiful than the photographs suggest. They are simple to make and all the supplies that are included. (Except glue) I wasn’t sure if there was enough glitter, but unless you want to cover both sides of all the ornaments, there is more than enough.
I originally got them to give as gifts, but am reluctant to do so.
Thanks for such great products.

Cynthia G

My ten-year-old granddaughter and I spent a lovely afternoon crafting the ornaments from the Dresden Medallion Ornament kit for the Christmas tree. Such fun and a wonderful family memory. Thank you so much for this beautiful kit.

Carol P Taylor

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