How to Easily Update an (almost) Outdated Chair

How to Easily Update an (almost) Outdated Chair

Say you have a very nice overstuffed chair. You paid a lot of money for it in the '80's or 90's, you may even have had it re-upholstered. But there is something about it that is so ..  so.. dated.  What can you do?

Note: If you went to the trouble to have matching drapes made, take them down already or put them in another room, far far away from the chair, that is an entirely different thing.

I say, look at the legs. Can they be shown in public?  If so...  take off the skirt! What??  Yes.  In fact most skirts on furniture are the last things that go onto it, so they should be the first things that can easily come off of it.

Pull away from the skirt to see if there are hand-stitched threads holding the skirt on. If so, just snip that thread all the way around the chair, being careful not to cut into the fabric on the chair.  Now just pull off any stray threads and wala!

Instant update!  Now throw on a trendy new pillow if you like and you have a few more stylish years ahead with your "new" (lease on life) chair.

(Sorry, if you recognize this chair that I just purchased from you for a SONG, no you cannot have it back.)




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