Tapestry Needle Book - Tutorial

Tapestry Needle Book - Tutorial



Who doesn't love a needlebook? They are charming little keepers of the small tools one needs when hand sewing, embroidering, cross stitching and mending. I have had versions of organizing my sewing tools all my  life. The odd tin, pincushion, basket or even a canning jar. All are useful and serve different purposes. 

Being surrounded by such gorgeous ribbons and trims, I am constantly envisioning the possibilities. This particular tapestry ribbon has caught my eye lately. I imagine it sewn across the top, bottom, or sides of draperies, I know right? 

ROSES-TAPESTRY-RIBBONWith it's 4" wide width, neat backside, and metallic accents this trim is stunning, and it comes in many colorways, all equally beautiful. The distinct floral groupings make this ribbon especially suited for a needlebook cover. 
Of course this needlebook can be adapted to any wide tapestry, or ribbon for that matter. Adjusting the size and fold placement accordingly. 
I made the first needlebook using this tapestry with a lining, but it felt too bulky. I realized that the back of the ribbon was neat and would hold up without lining, making this project super easy to make, with little or no machine sewing. 
The pattern on this ribbon will dictate how it is made. Let me explain.Tapestry-needlebook
Notice the pattern alternates every other motif. I wanted the large flower going up, to be the front of the needlebook. So I cut the 14 1/4" length of ribbon with that particular motif positioned as in the picture above. The red lines represent fold lines. 
If you purchased our kit, this has been considered, you should have a piece that looks just like the picture. 
1. Cut ¾" off of both sides of the tapestry ribbon, as shown by the dash lines.
2. Fold under about ¾" on each side of the tapestry ribbon, press. Fold the tapestry in half - center line, and the sides on the fold lines indicated in the photo above. Press. 
3. Cut 2, 5" lengths of the rayon seam binding ribbon. Sew one piece along each cut edge of the tapestry ribbon, wrapping the ribbon around the tapestry to hide the raw edges. Slip stitch, or hand stitch the rayon ribbon to the tapestry hiding the raw edges.

4. Fold in the tapestry ribbon on the side folds creating the inside pockets. 


5. Sew a blanket stitch across the top and bottom edges of the front and back pockets, using 2 strands of embroidery floss. 

Note: If you like, you can continue the blanket stitch across the top and bottom of the needlebook for decorative purposes. 


6. Grab a piece of felt and cut to 7" x 4 ½". Using a scalloped scissors, pinking shears, or cutting blade, trim the felt to fit inside the book. Ours measures 3 ⅞" x 6 ½". 

7. Fold the piece of felt in half, press. Open the felt and align it with the center- fold of the tapestry, hand stitch through all thicknesses. 

Note: If you like you can make 2 or more felt pages, just repeat step 5, layer and stitch as in step 6. 


8. Position a 12" length of the rayon seam binding ribbon, or tie of choice, to the center of each side of the needlebook, tucking under the ends stitch to the tapestry at the fold, then hand stitch vertical rows that can contain small tools etc. Only stitch through the top layer of the tapestry, keep  the pocket functional, do not stitch through to the back. Stitch again right at the front of the book edge. 


9. Now you can fill it with your special tools.




 Tapestry Needlebook Kit

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