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Glass Glitter Set of Four

Glass Glitter Set of Four


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Can't decide which color of our famous 100% pure glass glitter from Germany? Here is your chance to try four different colors at once.

Each set contains 4 glass 1/2 ounce vials with a cork topper in different colors or grits. All packaged together in a clear pouch.

Now you just have to choose which collection.

Valentine - Red, Fuchsia, Blush, Snow 

Winter - Ocean, Sterling Chunky, Robins Egg, Snow Fine

Christmas - Gold, Kiwi, Sterling Fine, Red

Autumn - Red, Cinnamon, Copper, Gold

Barely There - Sterling Fine, Sage, Cameo, Orchid

Favorites - Sterling Fine, Robin's Egg, Cameo, Snow Fine

Basics - Snow Chunky, Sterling Chunky, Snow Fine, Sterling Fine

Spring - Blush, Light Gold, Kiwi, Lilac

Vintage - Sea Shell, Ocean, Coral, Gold

Liberty - Royal, Black, Red, Silver Fine

Creative Christmas - Sterling Fine, Snow Fine, Jet Black, Cinnamon

Adult supervision is recommended, not for children.

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