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Marie Antoinette Ephemera Collection

Marie Antoinette Ephemera Collection


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A very special, limited edition, Ephemera Collection. We have had numerous requests to bring back our sold out "Cachette du Marie Antoinette", and the spin off paper collection. But we thought we could do one better and re-do the collection entirely including some of the amazing vintage ribbons and trims we recently acquired. The picture is twice the size as our usual collections there is so much here. 

Starting with a 9" x 20" piece of our amazing vintage wallpaper we have named "Marie Antoinette", many of our signature craft sheets, 8 signature 5"x7" 2 sided layering cards, pearl juniper A2 cards, a printed sheet to cut of Marie Antoinette images and a framed image. Ships, swans, wreath swags, borders, and crown Dresden die-cuts. Gorgeous vintage ribbons in metallics, lace, rococo, and cotton. Vintage satin millinery leaves, blue tags, gold crown cabochons, flower appliques, rolled roses and light blue pearls. There is gold glass glitter, and a few glassine bags. We also included a lined vintage pink satin moiré treat bag with a metallic gold weighted bottom, personally purchased in the south of France in a Brocanté. C'est Magnifique.


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Contents may vary. Limited quantities.

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