Day 6 - Walk to Montpezat


It was time for us to take a walk.  What better place than the south of France? From the chateau to Montpezat was a mere 6 kilometers, about 3.5 miles. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the temperature mild and the sunflowers many.


We walked up and down, past farms and unassuming typical French homes. There were many a chicken, dog and cow all curious as to why 16 of us were taking their pictures.





The sunflowers seemed to be watching us too.


There was one field where we couldn't resist joining the sunflowers for a photo op.



We persevered on, enjoying every step and sight along the way. As we got closer to the town, the road became steeper and steeper. And by this time as the sun was high in the sky, we were getting hot and somewhat winded. Thankfully Lizzie anticipated this and picked up most of us by car in shifts.

Montpazet was like a secret ancient village, basking in the sun, unchanged by modern times.

To be continued...........

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