Collection: Dresden Die Cuts

Embossed foil paper trims, also known as Victorian Scrap or recently as "Dresdens", have been continuously made in Germany on machines 60 to 200 years old. These trims are mainly used in card, ornament and bakery decorations, but have many other uses as well. Most of them come connected on sheets of multiple motifs ready to be trimmed off and applied to a project with glue.

Dresden Carving

Please note; as the molds are used repeatedly, they are wearing out and eventually get so damaged they cannot produce any more. Sometimes the molds are repaired before they go, and thus the trims can have a seam on them showing the repair.

Note that these trims are not pre-packaged, we package them just for you. Sometimes the Dresdens fit together nicely and look like there are less than there are. Please open your package and carefully examine the items. In most cases everything that you ordered is there.

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