Button Salesman Sample Cards - White with Corners - The Button Machinery Co.

SKU: BC4-1

Antique salesman sample button cards dated before WWII from "The Button Machinery Co. Hoboken N.J. Manufacturers of Ivory" (vegetable ivory that is, you know fruit pits and such). 

The cards in this collection are in a flannel presentation with corners. They have charming handwritten part numbers and some with lovely hand written notes. A very few have them have a missing button, but that is because the particular color or size was discontinued. 

All of these sample boards are 10.25" x 7.35" on thick white paper board sThey do show their age somewhat but are mostly in really nice condition. 

These would look nice framed, or not, hanging on a wall in a sewing room, or in an antique display. 

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