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Dennison Fine Crepe Paper

Dennison Fine Crepe Paper


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Dennison Folds are being discontinued by the manufacturer. Available only while supplies last.

Old fashioned, fine (32 gm) single sided crepe paper made in the USA on the original machines. While flame resistant, it will run when wet and fade in direct sunlight. Available in 31 flavors.  For your nostalgic crafting projects Makes the most delicate flowers.

32 GSM with 140% tested "s t r e t c h a b i l i t y ".

Sold in 20" x 90" folded sheets

Sold in single folds or, a package of 12 folded sheets in bulk of the same color.

All 31 colors are now available in a stack of 10" Lengths!!! RAINBOW STACK

PLEASE NOTE:  If  you order 5 or LESS FOLDS of this crepe paper, we will most likely cut  it in half (you will get 2, 10" x 90" sheets) so that it fits in an envelope. Otherwise we need to put it in a long box. We won't cut the paper if you order more than 5 folds. (If you don't want it cut, and you order less than 5 folds, please let us know in the note section.  However, depending upon what else is in the order, and the shipping destination, there may be an additional shipping charge for a long box.)

A note to our international customers outside the USA; this crepe paper is long and bulky, it can cost more to ship to you than the price to purchase it. If you don’t see a shipping charge on your order, you will get a bill for the actual cost of shipping to you. If you change your mind after we send the bill, and want a refund, we charge a 10% restocking fee.  Please read our Shipping FAQ policy.


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