Dennison Single Sided Crepe Paper

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Old fashioned, extra fine (32 gm) single sided crepe paper made in the USA on the original machines. While flame resistant, it will run when wet and fade in direct sunlight. Available in 31 flavors.  For your nostalgic crafting projects Makes the most delicate flowers.

Sold in 20" x 90" folded sheets

Buy 1 fold or, a package of 12 folded sheets in bulk of the same color.

Sale Alert!  Get 2 for the price of 1, {that's .93 per sheet} for some spotty Sangria papers. They have slight white splotches all over, not sure why this happened but hey, they're on sale!   If you order 1 you get 2, if you order 10, you get 20. Got it? 

 If  you order only 1 or 2 folds of this crepe paper, we will most likely cut  it in half so that it fits in a regular size envelope.

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