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Glittered Maple Leaf Ornaments Kit

Glittered Maple Leaf Ornaments Kit


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A Fall favorite, revised.

Sparkling leaves touched with a crystal dew drop heralding the start of Fall.  Let's sloooooow down and make something pretty. How about a glitter covered maple leaf, backed with vintage wallpaper, add a vintage crystal, and a heartfelt sentiment. "Gather", "Family", "Thankful" and bonus "Autumn". Using a pretty floral font. Instructions included.

Designed by Michelle Rose Jorgensen

Kits contain 3" wooden maple leaves, copper glass glitter, gold cord, pre-cut vintage wallpapers, a vintage crystal, and a ready to cut sentiment. You will need slightly thinned white glue, or Mod Podge, 3-in-1-Craft Glue, a small paint brush, maybe a needle nose pliers, and scissors.

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