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Heavy Florist Crepe Paper by Werola

Heavy Florist Crepe Paper by Werola


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Heavy crepe paper direct from Germany in a 160 gsm weight, wonderful when structure is necessary in flower making and crafting with crepe paper. Non-bleeding natural pigments.

New Colors! Bordeaux, Rosa, Tropical Green! 

Half rolls are 25cm x 250cm (9.75 inches x 98.5 inches)

Full Rolls are are 50cm x 250cm (19.5 inches x 98.5 inches) each

There are very faint, barely noticeable, horizontal machine marks in this heavier crepe.

We use the same color names that Werola in Germany uses for consistency. They may not translate to what customers in the USA are used to. 

A note to our international customers; this crepe paper is long and bulky, it costs more to ship than the price to purchase it. If you don’t see a shipping charge on your order, you will get a bill for the actual cost of shipping to you. If you change your mind after we send the bill, we charge a 10% restocking fee.  Please read our Shipping FAQ policy.

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