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March Ephemera Collection

March Ephemera Collection


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March comes In like a lion and out like a lamb. Or so the saying goes. March, in-between Winter and Spring, and just like a box of chocolates, "ya never know what you are going to get". But let's hope it's some good luck!

This March Ephemera collection is certainly diverse. We have a beautiful angel surrounded by pansies vintage scrapbook picture, and a pair of medieval soldiers in full metal gear. The colors and scenery are amazing on both. One of the earliest flowers to appear in the northern hemisphere are pansies and violets, we are eagerly awaiting the green of spring and in March we are celebrating that everyone is Irish for a day, so we have included shamrocks, horseshoes a pair of "Good Luck" vintage appliques to glue on a paper project. Lots of vintage ribbons and trims, green glass glitter, mint ribbon carnations, and super cute mint and lavender ombre bows. If you have lost a button, or are in need of fastening, we've included 2 mint and gold shank vintage buttons. Included are some tiny vintage flower buds to use in a stitching or paper project, next to full bloom ribbon roses if you like. Layer with a pair of our exclusive Sentimental cards and use the 6 sheets of our signature scrapbook paper to cut or as a backdrop. 


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