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Metal Measuring Sewing & Knit Gauge

Metal Measuring Sewing & Knit Gauge


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We love this indispensable measuring gauge with both Imperial and Metric markings. 

The handy red slider can be moved to a measurement on the ruler and will stay in place for repeated marking.

Use a sewing/knit gauge for many sewing and handicraft prjects. For example use to:

 - Measure the depth of hems, placement lines and alteration lines.

- Space buttons and buttonholes.

- Mark scallops and circles.

To Measure hems, or the depth of any edge, move the slider to the desired measurement and place it even with the edge. Mark along the top f the sewing gauge using a dressmaker's pencil or pins. 

To Mark scallops and circles, move the slider to half the desired width. For example, for a 2" (5cm) scallop, place the slider at 1" (2.5cm). Working on the wrong side of the fabric, insert a pin through the hole in the slider and into the fabric. Place a dressmaker's pencil through the hole at the top f the gauge and swing around to form the scallop or circle.

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