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Mini Ornaments Medallions 10' Garland Kit

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Size: Silver

Using a regular sewing needle and silver thread, simply stitch up an easy and long elegant "Dresden" garland. Hangs beautifully on a Christmas Tree, across a window, or just about anywhere a bit of festive cheer is desired.

Kit includes a sheet of 24 different 1 1/2" silver "Dresden" paper ornaments, and 48 tiny stars (as shown in garland) in gold all ready to cut out, and enough silver thread to string. All you will need is some glue and a needle.

String each ornament by using a threaded needle with cord. Punch through the ornament, slightly off center, then back through creating another hole, as if sewing a running stitch down the center of the ornament. Continue with next ornament until all are strung. Slide the ornaments along the cord spacing them how you like. Glue a star to each side of the ornament covering up the stitch. If you like, create a slip knot loop on each side to hang.

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