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Mini Traveler Scissors

Mini Traveler Scissors


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Small, reliable, compact scissors for crafting, knitting, and stitching. These little snips are sharp enough to cut through paper, cardboard, and thick yarn, so there's an attached cap for safety and to preserve the blades. You can take these scissors anywhere so you can work on your projects anywhere.

Made with heavy duty plastic and rust-resistant stainless steel. Lightly oil on a regular basis to ensure lifetime use

Total length is 2.36" (6cm). Blade length is 1.65" (4.2cm)

Take everywhere you go! Attached cap for safe portability. Small, TSA approved and allowed at most airlines

Perfect for seam ripping, sewing, snipping threads, embroidery, first aid, and general use

Choosing is hard, so get all three!

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