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Wicked City Ephemera Collection

Wicked City Ephemera Collection


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A very special, limited edition, Ephemera Collection. Inspired by "The Wizard of Oz's Emerald City", and "Wicked" the musical. We have curated an amazing collection of papers, ribbons and emerald green vintage glamor. 

Based on Vintage wallpaper borders from 100 years ago, we printed art sheets, layering cards and images from our inspiration. All of these are included in the collection, plus glittered back cardstock, black glass glitter, vintage ribbons, trims, fringe and rococo, black statin and green velvet vintage bows, a glass glittered covered music ornament, vintage scrapbook images of the scary witch in Hansel & Gretel, and Dresden die-cut wings in gold and green (fold these and attach to the monkey image). There are black lace mini buckles, Dresden borders in emerald green, black fishnet Dresden, flocked cardstock, Dresden witches flying on a broom, poppy stickers, a shiny emerald tassel, dark green tiny roses, and a nest of shredded dollar bills right out of the US mint. We cannot wait to see what you can do with these wicked materials.

"Surrender Dorothy"!

Do share your creations on our facebook group "RoseMilleMakers".


Contents may vary. Limited quantities.

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