Sparkle - With Chandelier Crystals

Don't you just love vintage (or new for that matter) chandelier crystals?  I just came across a few boxes of them, and am so exited about the possibilities!DSC_1528_2

After hours of cleaning and sorting, they are now at the shop and are ready for your next creative project. There are lots of ways to (re)use crystals. They make pretty ornaments, jewelry, and even bottle stoppers.

They can be attached to gift packages with a bow for a unique embellishment. Or by gluing the recipient's name on pretty paper to the flat side as a name tag! Hanging crystals are often used in Feng Shui practices to help energize a space.  The options are endless. 


Images, vintage sheet music or an inspiring word on paper can also be glued to the flat sides of many types of crystals giving it the same magnifying effect as in paperweights.


I have seen some great ideas in Somerset Life magazine lately, soon to be available at Rose Mille!

Send me a comment or email if you would like to purchase some and can't get to the shop.

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Retro Shades

I love these modern retro hanging lamp-shades. Vintage inspired but very "today". Simple yet elegant too.  We have lots of different coverings to uses on 5 shade shapes and sizes, any of which can be made as a pendant with a diffuser bottom so that you don't see the light bulb, just soft light. 


Black Drum Shade

My friend Heidi, who is a wonderful photographer, was in the other day wanting some ideas to update her home, to something more "current". Her home was build almost 10 years ago and looks very "pottery barn" she said. 



The solution, without costing too much, was to replace the light fixture in her small eating area to one of these pendants.  Wala, instant update! At first she wanted to use a light blue one, but decided instead to add a pop of red.  We agree, good choice!

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Let There be Light

One of the best ways to update your home is through your lighting.  Lamps and chandeliers not only illuminate your space but they also define your decorating style. No other single element can do as much.

A great way to add some flair is through a colorful unique chandelier in your bedroom, bathroom or office.

Here are some pretty chandeliers with a lot of style.  All of these are on sale!  I will list the details here and have them available on the webshop.

Small Mosiac Chandelier by Canopy Designs NY, regularly, $889.00 NOW $445.50. Perfect for that small dressing table, bath or wherever a touch of sparkle is needed.

Swirl Chandelier by Canopy Designs NY, regularly $875.00 NOW $438.50
Or a choose a globe fixture with unique accents.
DSC_1486 Globe Branch chandelier by Canopy Designs NY, Regularly $542.00 NOW $271.00

I have seen this same chandelier featured in Mary Engelbreight's Home Companion!  Four light Chandelier by Rosie NY, regularly $869.00 NOW $434.50.


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Thinking Spring!

Maybe if we wish it hard enough it will feel more like spring.  My favorite season.  What is life but a series of things to look forward to?  And what could be more exciting that the anticipation of life?  Of seeing the world begin again?  This is why I LOVE living here in Minnesota. 


And to help get us in the mood, Rose Mille is morphing into Springtime!  New products, new furnishings to get us in the mood.

My new Spring Bag.


In Spring!

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New Day

I love it when those things I save for; "someday I will use it for something, or make something out of it", find a purpose. My lifelong mantra has always been,  "Waste not want not". Of course it took many years to really "get" what it meant.  I really hate waste of any kind. Whether it be ribbon, food, money, or time, that mindset is the basis for what some call my being a "pack rat",  which I am rather defensive about because, hey I am organized about it.  And I don't  keep everything myself, I do not "hoard". I actually feel a responsibility when things, people, or time pass through my hands.  I like to make sure that I help make that transition responsibly.  Which is why I love recycling, donating to charity or re-using things.  I also appreciate the aesthetics of things, the beauty of the moment and the potential in a person. 

One of my favorite containers for organizing; glass jars.  Yes, those vessels that contain basic edibles that we so like to recycle.


I say re-use first into beautiful organizing containers.  When I am creating, I need to have my materials visible.  Which often means a big mess on my work table that takes a week to clean up at the time when I want to start a new project.  By then I have almost lost what it was I wanted to make.  Decades ago, glass jars were used as storage containers for many a nail, bead or marble. When I purchased the milliners lot in 1998 from Pearl Hemenway, she had stored seed and bugle beads, and pieces of jewelry in old spice, peanut butter and yes baby food jars.


Last weekend my husband made the "shelving unit of all shelving units" for my jars full of bits.  Tiny flowers, buttons, glitter, shells and yes, beads and jewelry pieces.  All within reach and all visible and lovely.



The jars are perfect, and virtually free!  I would love to see what storage containers you are using that meets this "green" theme.  If you would like to share, please send me a post!

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